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Q: Why doesn't this game have much stuff?
A: Just hang tight, there will be plenty of updates.

Q: I like this game, how can I support this game?
A: Thank you for the support, but unfortunately there are no plans until beta to offer any sort of donation & reward system.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: Send me a message through Twitter, or email me.

Known Bugs
- Attack animation not displaying proper animation
- Random disconnection when many people are connected
- Joining spawn after completing dungeon shows a black room until you move around

Posted on 08/28/16 by EcronFura
Patch Notes v0.63.02:
- Fixed GUI not updating and responding to changes
- Fixed players not being able to login

Posted on 08/25/16 by EcronFura
Patch Notes v0.63.00:
- Fixed players moving off center of window
- Fixed players not recoloring
- Added support for multiple projectiles emitting from a single weapon
- Added shadows to projectiles
- Fixed clicking not always firing a projectile
- Updated player & monster collision to be more accurate
- Increased targeting accuracy for monsters
- Projectiles that collide with walls will now explode
- Added damage display indicator when striking a player or monster - Optimized projectile packets

Posted on 08/09/16 by EcronFura
Patch Notes v0.61.00:
- Shrunk player sizes
- Shrunk weapon drop sizes
- Optimized communication protocol to reduce bandwidth used by players
- Implemented monster AI
- Increased hitbox detection for players to fit the character profile
- Numerous backend changes

Posted on 06/04/14 by EcronFura
Patch Notes v0.59.00:
- Fixed joining members not automatically being set to AFK after 5 minutes
- Fixed data being sent on invalid chat messages
- Fixed "/r" and "/reply" command not working
- Fixed chat text overlapping input text box
- Added mouse wheel scrolling support for chat box
- Fixed items freezing on failing to pick up
- Added dungeon start notification when a dungeon begins
- Removed 1x1, 2x1, 1x2 monster rooms
- Added unique door design for final dungeon room
- Fixed beating the dungeon not loading the map
- Final dungeon room now appears in a random location with a smaller size

Posted on 06/01/14 by EcronFura
Patch Notes v0.58.00:
- Fixed critical bug wasting calculation cycles
- Fixed login message being truncated on the second line
- Updated "spawn" world and replaced tile design
- Replaced dungeon room with dungeon board
- Dungeon board now teleports to a waiting room
- Re-enabled team dungeon mode capped at 4 players
- Added character, inventory, and system interface buttons
- Added new item type "dyes" to allow coloring of characters and pets
- Added various dyes to buy from the store
- Fixed the walking animation not being synced in different directions
- Overhauled monster animation
- Optimized pet and monster handling